The vast land of USA is full of many awesome tourist spots. The country has a lot to offer for every type of tourist. Are you getting married of have gotten married recently? Then you must be looking for a place to go with your significant other. In this post, you will learn about top 10 U.S. destinations for Honeymoon.

A honeymoon is the first major life event after getting married. It is not just a pop tradition, it sets the tone for your new love life. The moments of your honeymoon would be the first and one of the most valuable memories of your wedded life. There is no wonder why there is so much hype and excitement around it.

The United States of America is a vast country with its many states and cities appealing millions of tourists every year. It houses many of the top travel destinations in the world. Be it for a family trip, adventure travel, or even honeymoon, you can find your perfect destination here. And in the list below, you will find 10 of the best!

Top 10 U.S. Destinations for Honeymoon

10 Best U.S. Destinations for Honeymoon

#1 Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is a wildly romantic place. With its boat tours, hiking trails, and wonders like Old Fort Niagara, the magnificent Cave of the Winds, Bridal Veils Falls, and so on, it becomes a perfect honeymoon destination. It is also home to some of the most romantic resorts where you can have a lovely stay with your significant other.

#2 Maui

The Hawaiian island of Maui is another perfect place to fly to with your loved one. In fact, many come here to have a fun honeymoon. From its impressive wildlife to intriguing history and interesting culture, there are just many things that make it a perfect vacation spot. You can sail down a zipline, snorkel, or simply lounge with your loved one on its beautiful beaches. And to spice up the things, you can take a bird-eye view of it all with helicopter tours.

#3 Savannah

Located in the US state of Georgia, Savannah is another great spot for couples on honeymoon. The aesthetics of this city’s beauty lie in its insanely pretty architecture, delicious food, incredible oak trees and slow-moving cadence. Strolling through the squares hand-in-hand with your loved one will amount to an insane romantic walk. You can also check out its many museums and beautiful parks. And to add a layer to trip, you can retreat to the nearby Tybee Island for a getaway.

#4 Asheville

Looking for a solid mix of country and city on your honeymoon? Then Asheville in North Carolina might a perfect option for you. It is located at the edge of magnificent Great Smoky Mountains National Park. And the Blue Ridge Parkway is basically round the corner. Along with getting a taste of its hipster food, art scenes, hiking trails, and white water rafting, make sure to pay a visit to Biltmore Estate for a European honeymoon feel in America.

#5 Castle Hot Springs

If you are seeking seclusion with your significant other, then you can drop it all and head to Castle Hot Springs in Arizona. With its farm-to-table delicious meals to various other amenities, and of course, the Castle Hot Springs, it becomes a perfect romantic sanctuary. The resort has three hot springs where you can relax with your significant other. Then starting the day with your love sipping morning coffee around any of its indoor and outdoor fireplace would definitely be lovely. And there is just a lot to do.

#6 Charleston

The centuries old mansions, monuments, and places in Charleston amount for a beautiful contrast with its incredible contemporary restaurants, stores, galleries, and so on. Walking through the lamp-lit street, watching marvelous examples of old architecture as horse-drawn carriages pass by you, you will get a feeling that you have walked into past. And then, you can come back to reality by exploring its modern stores, eateries, and contemporary art museums. This one will surely amount for a unique honeymoon experience.

#7 Napa Valley

Napa Valley is already a popular honeymoon spot. This Californian destination is doubtlessly one of the most romantic places in the US. There is just so much to explore in the beautiful city of Napa which is full of aesthetic overlooks. And after spending the day absorbing its beauty with our loved one, you can head for some of the best food and wine—another of the things that Napa prides itself in.

#8 Big Sur

Looking for seclusions and adventure in the laps of wild nature with your significant other on honeymoon? Then head to Big Sur. Spreading across 90 miles on the west coast of Central California, it entices visitors of a number of reasons. And its biggest selling points are incredibly beautiful natural overlooks and peaceful seclusion. So, you can go hiking with your loved one and share relaxing moments later when lounging on a quiet beach.

#9 Nantucket

Situated in the US state of Massachusetts, Nantucket is famous as a refined vacation spot. It may just be the perfect spot for your dream honeymoon. However, its refinedness also makes it a bit pricy. So, if you are willing to go all luxe for your getaway with your significant other, then just head on here. Rent a bike to roam around and rest on its shoreline later in the day. Then wash it all off by fine dining with your loved one.

#10 Aspen

If you are looking for a cooler destination to spend your honeymoon at, then Aspen can be your perfect spot. In terms of wintertime beauty, hardly any place compares to Aspen. Doubtlessly picturesque mountains and winter sports are its biggest selling points, but there is in fact more to it. You can go high-end shopping, visit its fascinating museums, check out funky galleries and be a part of its fun festivals. There’s just so much to do!

Over to you

The US is packed with varied tourist spots. And it has just the perfect options for you if you are seeking honeymoon destinations. With the 10 most popular places listed above where you can go on a romantic trip with your significant other, you can plan your dream honeymoon better. So, be quick to grab your cheap and best flight tickets because the sooner the better!