The United States of America is full of natural wonders that attract millions of tourists from all across the globe. And Lake Powell is one of them. Are you planning to visit this wonder as your summer vacation plan? Then this guide can come in really handy for you to chalk out a great vacation plan. So, check out our complete guide of visiting Lake Powell.

The vast of the USA has many natural wonders spread across its many states. Mountains, rivers, rock formations, beaches, oceans, national parks, state parks—these are some of the key factors supporting US tourism. This explains why America appeals to many adventure freaks. From hiking to backpacking, every type of water sports, and so on, there is just a lot that you can do here.

However, today we are going to talk about a famous US water body that is actually manmade but nevertheless attracts over 2 million visitors every year. And that is Lake Powell to you. Hence, we have created a complete guide for visiting Lake Powell that you can find below.

Visiting Lake Powell

A Complete Guide on Visiting Lake Powell

| Understanding Lake Powell

Firstly talking about the history of Lake Powell, its formation was led by Glen Canyon Dam in 1966 which took about 17 years. The lake is named after John Wesley Powell who first explored the canyon in 1869.

Covering a square area of over 250 miles and spread across two US states (Utah and Arizona), Lake Powell is the second-largest man-made reservoir in the US. In fact, the lake is so long that it is said to have more coastline than California. However, the perspective on its size is always blocked by the canyon walls.

It is now one of the most famous tourist spots in USA and attracts more than 2 million visitors every year.

| How to reach?

You can reach there by either road trip or air travel. In any case, most people prefer to visit it with their own cars as it allows them to easily carry ice chests, food, sleeping bags, cameras, fishing gear, etc.

If you are traveling from a great distance, then after landing at Page Airport, it is best advised to rent a car from there. You can also enjoy the shuttle services provided by Lake Powell Resort which is just a few miles from there.

There are several entrances for Lake Powell with major ones being Wahweap Marina (Arizona), Antelope Point Marina (Arizona), Dangling Rope Marina (Utah), Halls Crossing Marina (Utah), and Bullfrog Marina (Utah). Depending upon your location, you can figure out which entrance would be the best for you to take and select a route accordingly. Your choice of entrance will also depend on the parts you want to explore.

| Accommodations

If you are looking for accommodation up-lake around Bullfrog Marina in Utah, you can stay at Defiance House Lodge, or at Family Units for a “home far from home” experience. And if you will be down-lake at Wahweap in Arizona, you can get comfortable accommodation at Lake Powell Resort.

But if you want to look for accommodations that are lighter on the pocket, you can find many nice and cheap hotels around.

| Things to do at Lake Powell

Lake Powell is packed with many opportunities to do fun activities. There are just so many things you can do:

Go river rafting in the Colorado River.

If you want to enjoy the view of awesome canyon vistas and deep blue waters of the beautiful river, then it is something you must do. However, if you are not that adventurous type, you can find a number of rafting tour options where you don’t have to be a part of the adventure and can simply enjoy the view.

Explore Antelope Canyon.

Are you obsessed with making your Instagram Feed aesthetic? Well, you can get a lot of “die for” beautiful photos at Antelope Canyon. And you won’t even need to use a filter. Then once you are done with capturing the beautiful memories in your phone, walk around and absorb the aesthetics of Antelope Canyon. It is best advised to go for a guided tour if you want to explore the best spots in the best ways possible.

Drop around to see Glen Canyon Dam.

Most of the point in visiting Lake Powell would be lost if you do not visit Glen Canyon Dam. Off highway 89A at the dam, there is The Carl Hayden Visitor Center where you will find interactive exhibits, introductory films, a relief map of the Glen Canyon area, a life-size model of a slot canyon, restrooms, and a bookstore.

A 45 minute long guided-tour around the Glen Canyon Dam that costs $5 per head would be a great idea. Also ensure to make reservation at least 24 hours in advance at the Carl Hayden Visitor Center.

Take a flight-sightseeing trip

You can take an hour-long flight-sightseeing trip over Lake Powell right from Page Airport. It’d be the best thing to do on the first or last day of your trip. The bird-eye view of beautiful deep water embellished with great canyons is sure to take your breath away.

Go houseboating

Another completely awesome thing that you can do at Lake Powell is explore it through a houseboat. Depending upon your budget, you can reserve an economy boat with basic amenities like kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, etc.—or you can book a lavish houseboat with luxe amenities. This will be one of its kind experience and hence this is something you must try at when you visit Lake Powell.

Visit the Horseshoe Bend

If you go to Lake Powell, Horseshoe Bend is a must-visit. And when you reach the spot, you will realize your journey down to it was totally worth it. It is undoubtedly one of the most impressive sights in the US. The red rock canyons covered in lush vegetation will allow you to experience a unique example of natural beauty. This natural wonder is just 10 minutes of drive away from Page.

Other common activities

And apart from all that, there are a number of common activities that you can do here like:

  • Kayaking
  • Fishing
  • Jet-skiing
  • Swimming
  • Hiking
  • Relaxing on beach
  • Exploring canyons

…and so on.

Bottom Line

Lake Powell is one of the most famous US destinations which receives over 2 million visitors every year. Being the second-largest reservoir in the USA, it is a great tourist destination. With the help of our guide, you will be able to get the maximum out of your trip to Lake Powell. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your cheap flight tickets ASAP!