The second-largest US state by both landmass and population, Texas is a destination of many. And in fact, it is a great place to be spending your vacation at. That being said, let’s talk about 10 adventures that you can take in Texas Hidden Hill Country.

We’re already in the fourth month of this year. The weather is getting warmer every day. And you know what does that means? Vacation! Soon, it’ll be the summer holidays. Hence, many have started preparing for it. Are you looking for your options too? Is Texas on your list? If you are an adventure lover, then you must visit Texas’ Hidden Hill Country.

10 Adventures that you can take in Texas' Hidden Hill Country

The summer holidays of 2020 were messed up by coronavirus. Although the virus continues to be, the introduction of vaccines has changed the scene. And now finally free from the lockdown, people are ready to rock this season. In fact, airlines are also preparing for the expected increase in demand. So, set your backpack and take an adventurous trip to Texas’ Hidden Hill Country.

10 Adventures to take in Texas’ Hidden Hill Country

#1 Jump from Cliff into Jacob’s Well

Situated in the small town of Wimberley, Jacob’s Well is a famous tourist attraction of Texas’ Hidden Hill Country. It is a part of Edward’s Aquifer and is known for its crystal clear water. However, this is not all that attracts many tourists here. This underwater cave system is one of the largest in Texas. In fact, researchers are still unable to identify exactly how long it is. Hence, it is one of the most dangerous underwater caves in the world. However, you can have a little taste of this amazing adventure by diving into its first chamber that is only about 30ft deep.

#2 Kayak in Caddo Lake

Caddo Lake is another great place for a light adventure. It is situated on the border of Texas and Louisiana. The lake offers a unique canoeing experience. Its cypress trees and often mossy water attract many canoe lovers to this place. So, if you love canoeing and you visit Texas, then you must visit Caddo Lake. You can find some campsites that even have private access to the lake. Moreover, rentals are also available.

#3 Go swimming at Hamilton Pool

Located near Austin, Hamilton Pool is a popular spot for tourists in summer. Many come here seeking escape from the heat to swim in its water. This Southern pool is a geological wonder. It is believed to be a collapsed grotto and canyon which is a result of thousands of years’ long water erosion. The pool used to be a private property earlier but was opened to the public in the early 19th century.

#4 Hiking at Palo Duro Canyon

Amid the rolling flat plains in Texas, Palo Duro Canyon is a canyon paradise. About 60 miles long, it is the second-largest canyon in the US. It is widely known for its mountain biking and equestrian trails. But that is not all. The canyon has a unique rock formation called the Lighthouse. It also has a great view to offer. And it is only a 2.7 mile long hike!

#5 Camping in Inks Lake State Park

For the next on the list of adventures in Texas, you can go camping in Inks Lake State Park. This is another favorite destination for adventure lovers in Texas. Explore the lake by hiring canoes and kayaks which are generally very easily available. Don’t forget to paddle out the scenic Devil’s Waterhole which is towards the east of the lake. If you go upstream, you would also discover some amazing hidden waterfalls. After tying up your canoe/kayak at the bank, you can also go enjoying cliff jumping.

#6 Stay in tent at Caprock Canyons

Next on the list is Caprock Canyons. Reaching up this beautiful spot of North Texas, you will see this diverse landscape appear out of nowhere! Being surrounded by its serrated red rock escarpments up to 1,000ft high is surely one of its kind adventures. It is great for both tent camping and wilderness camping. And you’d want to watch out your steps as many rattlesnakes are found here!

#7 Take a hike to Gormon Falls

Located in Colorado Bend State Park, Gormon Falls is about 2 hours northwest of Austin. Follow the trail and you will get to see lush green falls created by moss and maidenhair ferns. The spring-fed waters falling from above keep it constantly soaked. Many take respite here from the dreadfully hot and humid South. But that isn’t all. It is a great spot for adventure tourism as well.

#8 Do Stargazing at Tres Lunas Resort

The night sky of Texas is one of its own kind. Hence, it is a favorite spot of many to do stargazing at night. Sitting on a ridge, it spreads 112 acres. Looking up at the night sky here, you will realize that it is indeed true; the stars appear bigger in the heart of Texas. However, providing the ease of enjoying the beautiful night sky of the state isn’t all that Tres Lunas Resort has to offer. There’s more. The Tex-Zen-Western-style rooms with a rustic touch make for a great stay. Its yoga classes, massages, and wellness weekends are some of the other key factors that make staying at Tres Lunas Resort.

#9 Hike and Enjoy Sunset from Enchanted Rock

Enchanted Rock is one of the favorite spots for adventures in Texas. Nature-adventure lovers love this place. It is especially so for those who love watching the sunset. So, climb up the steep hike of Enchanted Rock and make sure to hang around till the sunsets. Because this is a sight you surely don’t want to miss. And it’s a bet that it’ll be one of the best sunsets of your life.

#10 Take a Dip in Krause Springs

There is a great variety of water holes and swimming spots in Texas. The state has Hamilton Pool, Jacob’s Well, Blue Hole, Barton Springs, etc. which are quite famous tourist spots. However, if you want to explore the water with a lesser crowd, Krause Springs is the place to be at. Located in Spicewood, it has about 32 springs where you can take a dip and was the dreadful heat of summer.

Summing Up

The US state of Texas is home to many adventure spots. It is greatly known for its canyons, hiking trails, and waters. With the help of the list above, you will learn about 10 adventures that you can take in Texas’ Hidden Hill Country. And this way, you will be able to get the best out of your trip. The summer vacations are approaching so book your cheap flight tickets now!