Many people travel across the globe to different countries just in the search of new hiking trails. Are you one of those hikers too? If San Francisco is anywhere near our destination then this article is for you. Read on and find out the top 7 mountains of San Francisco for hikers.

Hiking is one of the best physical activities. It not only helps you physically but also gives mental peace. Not to mention how truly mesmerizing it can be to hike in the laps of nature. For hikers, a great hiking trail around their destination is the ultimate blessing.

Are you flying to San Francisco? San Francisco is undoubtedly a great city to be at. Its sweeping vistas and beautiful beaches are the only things that attract tourists. You can also be a part of free concerts and cultural activities that go on year-round. Its food, music, and art are other major reasons why it is such and hotspot for tourism.

Top 10 Mountains of San Francisco for Hikers

But that is not all. San Francisco has a great deal to offer to its hike-loving tourists. Around this city, you can find some of the best hiking trails. And that being said, we have curated a list of some top mountains around this city where you can hike.

10 Best Mountains of San Francisco for Hikers

#1 Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks is undoubtedly one of the most famous local spots for hiking. Within the limits of the city, it is the second tallest point. If you go there hiking on a clear day, you can enjoy a spectacular overlook. You can also spot some of the important landmarks of San Francisco like Alcatraz Island, Golden Gate Bridge, downtown Market Street, etc. It has a small hiking track that runs on the paths along with the Twin Peaks Boulevard. If you are seeking to get some good views with easy hiking in San Francisco, this is the spot.

#2 Land’s End

Land’s End is a hike about 4 miles. Situated to the northwest of San Francisco, the cliffs can give you unimaginably beautiful views. The spot is best for beginner hikers. From the right vantage point, you can spot Golden Gate Bridge, China Beach, Marin headlands, and the Ocean. On weekends, the place is more packed with hikers. Hence, it is best to visit it on the weekdays.

#3 Claremont Canyon Regional Preserve

Stonewall Panoramic trail is the primary hiking trail at Claremont Canyon Regional Preserve. Here, you will be on a good elevation of 700 feet which will allow you to get a great view of San Francisco Bay, Downtown Berkeley, Berkeley Hills, and Downtown Oakland. The preserve stretches across a square area of 208 acres and the hike distance is 3.2 miles. It is less than a half hour’s drive away from the city. Thus, it can be a great place for hiking with your friends during your holidays in San Francisco.

#4 Angel Island

The largest natural island in the San Francisco Bay, Angel Island has one of the best hiking trails around the city. It is a part of Angel Island State Park which is only accessible by private boat or public ferry. The spot not only offers a great hiking trail but is also a great spot for a picnic. Here, you can easily find picnic tables, restrooms, and potable water. Hence, it is great for hiking with your family and kids.

#5 Mount Tamalpais

Mount Tamalpais is about 2570 feet high. It is a few minutes of drive away from San Francisco. Through a short hike of 1.2 miles, you can get splendid views of the Northern Marin, the East Bay, and San Francisco. When you reach the peak spot, make sure to watch the beautiful view of the sunset.

#6 Windy Hill Open Space Reserve

Want to explore excellent natural views without a lot of effort? Then you must go hiking at Windy Hill Open Space Reserve. The hike is only about 1.3 miles long. Hiking through its Anniversary trail, you can also get to enjoy a 360-degree view of the ocean to the San Francisco Bay area. With a square area of 1335 acres, it is a cool and windy place. This makes it one of the best mountains of San Francisco for hikers.

#7 Mori Point

Just about 17 minutes drive away from the city of San Francisco, Mori Point is one of the most famous hiking points around. It is at the south of central Pacifica, on the San Mateo County coast. The vantage points at Mori Ridge provide some spectacular views of the ocean. For a little trip from the city, this hiking spot is totally worth it.

#8 Mount Davidson

The next on the list of best-hiking mountains in San Francisco is Mount Davidson. It has the highest peak in San Francisco which goes about 938 feet high. On the hiking trails encircling the hill, you will find great spots for enjoying the view of the city. For the best view, make sure to reach the 103 feet long Mt. Davidson concrete cross.

#9 Tennessee Valley Trail

The trail at the Tennessee Valley is a popular family hiking and picnic spots around San Francisco. However, the valley also has some more strenuous hiking trails for ambitious hikers. After reaching Muir Beach, you can find a 9-mile-long hiking loop starting from Tennessee Valley trailhead. The best season to discover this place is spring.

#10 Mount Diablo

Mount Diablo is another great spot for hiking if your destination is San Francisco. It has an altitude of 3849 feet which makes it one of the tallest in San Francisco Bay. Thanks to this altitude, hikers get to enjoy amazing views. By reaching the peak, you can get a mesmerizing bird’s eye view of the Bay area. On a clear day, you can also spot Farallon Islands, Mount Lassen, and Sierra Nevadas.

In Short

San Francisco is a great place to spend your vacation. What’s more? You can tweak up your trip by discovering some cool hiking spots around there. With the help of the list given above, you can learn about the top 10 mountains of San Francisco and have a great hiking experience around this city. So, get your hiking boots out and book your cheap flight tickets already.