Are you tired of your everyday life and seeking some getaway? There are many states in US that can be a great destination for your trip. Is the Salt Lake City of Utah on your list? If yes, read on this article to find 5 best beaches of Salt Lake City you must visit. Blue water, stretches of white sand, ocean breeze, open sky, sun-bath, pretty tans, sipping Pina Coladas—spending holidays on beaches is just awesome. And if you are visiting the Salt Lake City, visiting beaches there is a must.

Salt Lake City is famous among tourists for a number of things. This mountain-surrounded destination has rich history and beautiful vistas. It also has lovely climate, beautiful lakes, heart-warming sunsets, and so much more. These are some of the reasons that make Salt Lake City a choice of many tourists.

And not to mention—its must-visit beautiful beaches!

If you are planning a vacation to the Salt Lake City, you have to visit its beaches. However, it has many beaches and it is difficult to cover all. So, just to help you out with that one, we have sorted the top 5 beaches of the Salt Lake City in the list below.

Top 5 Beaches of Salt Lake City

Best Beaches of Salt Lake City

#1. Great Salt Lake State Park

Located on the lake’s southern side, Great Salt Lake State Park is well-known for its marina.

Below listed are some of its key features that make Great Salt Lake a great beach:

  • It takes only 20 minutes of drive from the city to reach here. Hence, it is a famous quick beach getaway in the Salt Lake City.
  • The place offers captivating sunset views.
  • You can also spot a great variety of bird here. Thus, it is also a great place for bird watchers.
  • Tourists can also explore its water and have a great sailing experience here.
  • Many also enjoy camping at night here.
  • It is also great for paddleboarding, kayaking, and boating.

So, these are some of main reasons why Great Salt Lake State Park is one of the best beaches of the Salt Lake City.

#2. Highland Glen Park

Another in the list of the best beaches around the Salt Lake City is Highland Glen Park.

The list below consists of the key features of the beach of Highland Glen Park:

  • The beach is small but very beautiful.
  • It has a gorgeous mountain-view.
  • The beach also lush green trees alongside it.
  • It is a family-friendly beach so it’s the best place to spend some quality time with your folks.
  • Swimming in the pond is one of the main things that tourists enjoy to do here.
  • There are multiples spots in this area that are equipped with picnic facilities, Barbeque Grills, and a lot more.

Hence, of you are planning a trip with your folks to the Salt City Lake, you must visit Highland Glen Park.

#3. Cemetery Point Beach

Next in the list of Salt Lake City’s best beaches is Cemetery Point Beach in Huntsville.

Cemetery Point Beach is recommended by tourists for a number of reasons. Some of them are listed below:

  • You get a gorgeous view of the waters.
  • There are lush green hills surrounding it.
  • The temperature is generally cool here.
  • Since it one of the calmest waters in Utah, it is also great for swimming.
  • Cemetry Point Beach is also great for kayaking or paddleboarding.

So, if you want to have a fun-beach-time around the Salt Lake City, Cemetery Point Beach should be your go to.

#4. Antelope Island State Park

Situated in Syracuse, Antelope Island State Park is a great place to go if you are looking for a beach around the Salt Lake City.

The points below tell some of the main features of Antelope Island State Park:

  • It is one of the largest islands located within the Great Salt Lake.
  • Antelope Island has area of approximately 42 square miles.
  • It has a network of good quality paved roads that makes it convenient to roam around.
  • The beach has pristine waters and captivating landscapes.
  • There are numerous hiking trails.

So, thanks to these features, Antelope Island State Park is a favourite place of many around the Salt Lake City. Any local in that area will tell you how famous this beach is.

#5. Wayne Bartholomew Park

Last in our list (but not the least!) is Wayne Bartholomew Park. It is located in the Springville. If Salt Lake City is your destination, this beach is a great place to bring your family and kids.

The list below has some of the main feature of the Wayne Bartholomew Park:

  • It has calm and rockless waters.
  • The beach is small and nevertheless beautiful.
  • Given its characteristics, it is one of the safest beaches. Hence, it is the favourite spot for many visitors to bring their kids.
  • It has easily accessible basic amenities like public restrooms, pavilions, etc.
  • There are also volleyball courts, and wide open spaces for different recreational activities.

So, these are some of the key reasons why visiting Wayne Bartholomew Park is a must if you are out with your family and kids in the Salt Lake City. The best part is your kids can have a great time here without any worries.

Wrapping Up

Salt Lake City is a great place to explore in the state of Utah. But visiting its beaches can tweak your trip. And hence, we have curated a list of best 5 beaches of the Salt Lake City. So, find out which option is best for you and take out your sunscreen cream and beach slippers!