Paris, the City of Lights, is the dream city of many of you. The beauty of the place can be seen in the most famous tower – Eiffel Tower! Not only is the city famous for Eiffel Tower, but also for its diverse culture, beauty, lifestyle, and history. From visiting Eiffel Tower, famous Cathedral Notre-Dame de Paris, Louvre Museum, to Asterix amusement park, the city has lot more to offer to entertain its citizens as well as visitors.

Reading such beautiful and alluring things about this city actually creates wonderlust to explore it. Isn’t it? So, if you’re reading this article, I believe you’re definitely planning to make a trip to this fairyland. However, Paris is a big city where roaming around without having pre-trip tips can spoil your trip. So, you’re going to learn about top things that you need to store in mind before visiting this charming city. 

Let’s cut to the chase and talk about it.

Given things you must know before traveling to Paris

  • Best time to visit Paris

Can you travel to Paris any month of the year? If your answer is yes, then you can move further to read on to the next point given below. But the best time to visit Paris is spring time when the city offers most to its visitors. The myth which is revolving here is that August is best month for visitors but it isn’t like that. This type mostly small restaurants and businesses shut down. However, winters also aren’t cool so you can visit during winter also and enjoy Christmas and New Year here.

  • Enjoy street food
Enjoy street food

Not only Paris is famous for beauty, culture, and lifestyle but also popular for offering delicious and mouth-watering food to its visitors. No wonder, the city has many big restaurants but you no need to spend big amount to fill your stomach. When you visit Paris make sure you try street foods it will make your day. You will enjoy eating crepe, falafels, Chinese noodles, fresh pastries, sushi, or Shawarma pits sandwiches from a street food. Moreover, you’ll get these foods at cheaper rate.

  • Try to avoid fancy cafes

I’m sure you would definitely want to try coffee and tea especially in Paris. Well, Paris does offer you many expensive cafes that will cost you an arm and a leg for a single coffee. So, try to avoid such expensive cafes and look for little cafes in less touristy neighbourhoods. Here you will pay less while enjoying the tasty coffee as well.

  • Don’t forget to enjoy being in Disneyland park

Who isn’t aware of famous eye-alluring park Disneyland? From a 5 year old kid to old-aged people, everyone knows about and wants to explore the ‘happiest place on earth.’ Visiting this place will ooze out your feeling to stay here to the end of time. The fact is – many people don’t know the way to Disneyland in Paris. So, here is the way for you – you can take a train from Paris to get to Disney Park. Moreover, you no need to wait for long to take a ride, to eat mouth-watering chocolates, and the castle you can walk through. Remember one thing that the park closes too early, so don’t arrive late.

  • Visit the world’s largest art museum – Louvre

Are you a lover of music, art, or historical sightseeing? If yes, this museum is waiting for you. Travelling to Paris and not visiting Louvre museum is like killing the whole trip. This is the biggest museum that you could ever imagine. Therefore, make sure you wear comfortable shoes to easily roam around the museum. Moreover, prepare a list of everything that you want to see here. Let me tell you that the full day will be insufficient to admire all the artwork here.

  • Watch your manners

Paris is the city where every person is kind and loving. So, if you’re someone who is visiting this place for the first time make sure you be kind with them as well. Try to be pretty formal here. What you can do here is always say “bonjour madame/monsieur” before you talk to any person or ask for anything. Let’s say you want to know the direction, get a beer, something else, make sure you greet them first. Make sure to be kind with people here as it will win your way into their hearts.

  • Try to dress like Frenchman

We all love to follow other culture people once in a life, right? And when it comes to the most famous and beautiful city, who will be left behind in trying to adopt their culture and tradition? So, when you visit Paris make sure you try to learn some French and dress like Frenchman. It will be a fun activity to do here. Also, avoid wearing sports or white tennis shoes in Paris in public. You will see many unique and affordable Parisian cloths shop here.

Final bricks

With these following pre-plan trip tips in mind, you will have a great experience in Paris, honestly. You want to make your Paris trip more joyous, relaxing, stress-free, and mesmerising one, right so make sure you follow all the tips by heart. The more you show friendly nature there, the more you’ll enjoy French People Company. Also, don’t forget to visit the most alluring and charming places in Paris that I have enlisted above.

After visiting Paris, don’t forget to share your experience with us.

Bon Voyage!