Everyone wants that dreamy luxury vacation once. However, generally, the biggest barrier between us and our dream vacation money. But what if I told you that it is possible to go on a luxury vacation without straining your pocket much? Well yes, it is. So, read on and find out about these 10 Luxury Vacations that are Surprisingly Affordable for Americans.

Stay in a castle, fly in a private jet, sit in a terrace pool sipping expensive wine… we all have different ideas for a luxury trip. How cool would it be if you could really do all that this summer? Well, luxury vacations come with huge bills. Or do they really?

Actually, no. The fact that luxury vacations have to be necessarily expensive is a myth. You can have vacations like the rich if you just know the right destinations.

10 Surprisingly Affordable Luxury Vacations for Americans

In many countries, the American dollar is quite strong. And hence, it becomes easier for Americans to have a great vacation without actually having to spend big bucks. And that is basically the key!

So, based on that, we will talk about…

10 Surprisingly Affordable Luxury Trips for Americans

1] Have a luxurious stay in Cartagena, Colombia

The Colombian city of Cartagena is in fact in the bucket list of many. For its beautiful Caribbean views, the trip is totally worth it. But there is more. You can spend your dream vacation in the five-star hotel called Conrad Cartagena where you can book a stay for only about $140 per night. And along with the stunning Caribbean views, you can also all enjoy the other amenities of this five-star hotel like luxurious salon and spa, golf course, swimming pools on the beachfront, many elegant restaurants, and so much more!

2] Stay in a castle, France

While rentals for castle rooms are generally quite expensive, there are actually some hidden gems in France. So, if you are looking to spend your holidays in a royal way, this might just be your right option. Here, you can book a stay in French castle with three bedrooms and a personal pool. And the best part is, you can find castles here that give you such amenities for as low as $82 per night. This makes it one of the best options for Americans to have luxury vacations without straining their pockets.

3] Live your joy of life in the “City of Lights”, Paris

Paris is the dream destination of many US tourists and those worldwide. Indeed, it is such a beautiful city. Do you too want to spend your nights in Paris in one of the high-floor apartments that lets you enjoy the view of the city from your window/balcony? Well if the thought that it can break your bank is stopping you, then you’re a little mistaken. In fact, it is possible to have this Hollywood dream-type vacation for as low as $200 per night. There are many rental agencies that can provide you with such accommodations. Think $200 is too much? Well, you will also get a personal kitchen so you can save big bucks on meals by picking up groceries and cooking yourself. It will make for just a perfect vacation with your significant other!

4] Find affordable stay in the New York City

From international to domestic, the New York City receives a crazy amount of tourists every year. The “City of Dreams” is the dream city of many. Have you too been planning to fly to the NYC? If the thought that it will break your bank is stopping you, then you should drop your worries and take this dream trip. Well, there is nothing but a little trick to it that can save you big bucks with your hotel booking in the NYC. Tourists generally squeeze into the popular areas like Manhattan for over-priced mediocre stay. All you have to do is look for stay in places like Brooklyn instead which has equally trendy neighbourhoods with surprising nice and cheap hotels.

5] Have luxurious holidays at Punta Cana

Are you looking for a stay with A-class 24/7 room service and other luxe amenities like oceanfront bars, gourmet dining, night entertainment, and so on without hurting your pocket? Well guess what, you can get all that in the resort town within the Veron-Punta Cana municipal district, Dominican Republic. With hotels like Hilton La Romana, you can book such a stay and enjoy all these amenities that come within the price paid for the room which generally amounts to less than $200. See, luxe vacation doesn’t have to break your bank!

6] Have a Private Jet experience at economy prices

Yes, you read the heading right. You can have a private jet flying experience at economy prices. Well, who wouldn’t love not having to wait in long queues, not having to reach airport early, and not to having to squeeze into economy class seats? So, wondering how does that work? Well, here is a trick. With JetSuiteX, you can get access to such private terminals but such flights are only available between major West Coast cities.

7] Have an affordable 5-star stay at Amalfi Coast

Many have the dream of spending their vacation in Italy—a country with mouth-watering cuisines and equally delicious coasts. And since we are talking about coasts in Italy, how can we not talk about Amalfi Coast, the best? The hotels in that area have the most spectacular views surrounding them. And they are mostly conveniently accessible from the city center and the harbor. For the best part, you can find hotels on Amalfi Coast for even as low as 150 USA (or below on offers).

8] Why go camping when you can go glamping!?

Well, if you can’t think of anything else or can’t afford to spend too much on luxury trip, you can have one without breaking your bank by just spicing up camping. Glamping, in simple terms, is a luxurious version of camping. You get to have a lot of luxe amenities like that of five-star hotels but only at lesser prices. And to only make it better, you get to enjoy all this under beautiful bare sky. There are many destinations within USA where you can enjoy glamping for in about as low as 150-200 dollars. And if you go outside the US like to the Caribbean, Africa, etc. you can enjoy all this for as low as $50 bucks!

9] A stress free vacation in South Asian country Thailand

If you want to blow some steam and de-stress this season, then a trip to South Asia may be a great idea. We especially recommend Thailand which is a country full of amazing tourist attractions. From historical sites to bars and pub, Thailand has the perfect trip package for you. And the best part is, Americans can have a luxury trip to Thailand for as low as $1,800 for 10 days—if you find a good deal. This includes almost everything from accommodation to food, roundtrip flight, and visiting the country’s most historic attractions like UNESCO World Heritage Site Ayutthaya.

10] Enjoy coastal views from your private pools in Mexico

If you think that accommodations with private pools overlooking beautiful beaches and waters are only reserved for Hollywood stars, you might be wrong. It is very well possible to have such a luxury trip for yourself with prices as low as $200 dollars or below. In Acapulco of Mexico, you can find hotels like Hotel Las Brisas which lets you enjoy such luxe amenities for the said price!


In conclusion, we hope that we were able to break the myth that luxury vacations have to be expensive. In the list above, you can find 10 trip ideas that will allow you to get a great worth for every dollar of yours which will allow you to have a luxury trip without breaking your bank. As you’d have realised by now, most part of the trick lies in finding places which can give great value for your currency, finding (underrated) alternatives, and so on. So if you have decided where you are flying to these holidays, then grab your cheap flight tickets ASAP!