As the time for the summer holidays is approaching, many are already done with their vacation plans. What are you doing this summer? Well, a road trip on American roads can be a great idea! Wondering where you can take your four-wheeled baby this summer? Then check out our list of America’s most scenic drives.

Having spent their summer last year caged at their homes, people are now more than ever ready to enjoy their holidays this season. Are you one of them too? Is a road trip something that is on your mind? If yes, then great! We have a list of amazing roads to take a trip with your friends and folks.

From beaches to mountains, lakes, forests, and so on, there is a lot in America that appeals to millions of tourists. And if you ask me, its drives are quite underrated. The vast land of America offers numerous scenic drives that you can take a road trip through.

Whether you are traveling with your friends, folks, or just the significant other, a road trip is just the perfect thing to do. Drive for miles through the beautiful country roads while singing ‘country roads, take me home’ with the radio to your heart’s delight. And then pull off to a motel for a short stay or grab a quick bite from a ‘24/7 open’ highway store. The joy of a road trip lives within these small things.

Take a Road Trip this Summer on America’s Most Scenic Drives

So, pack your bag and fill up your car tanks to the max ‘cuz we’re hitting the roads!

America’s Most Scenic Drives to take Road Trip this Summer

↬ Joshua Tree National Park, California

Covering about 70 miles, the scenic drive through Joshua Tree National Park gives the best experience when you spend at least 4 hours taking the detours to enjoy panoramic views. So, when you pass through this drive, ensure to make a stop to find the perfect Joshua Tree for your photos. To get the best of your trip through this drive, climb on massive rock formations, and stroll through the cactus garden.

↬ Hudson River Valley, New York

Next on the list of America’s most scenic drives is Hudson River Valley in New York. The loop from Nyack to West Point to Tarrytown makes it about a 57 miles long drive. Throughout America’s history, the three-mile-wide river has inspired many settlers, architects, and artists. The rural areas, quaint villages, historic parks, and stately mansions along the drive make it totally worth it. So, if you plan to travel to New York for this summer vacation, the road trip through Hudson River Valley would just be perfect.

↬ Natchez Trace Parkway, Mississippi, Alabama, and Tennessee

Spanning across Mississippi, Alabama, and Tennessee, the Natchez Trace Parkway drive is just perfect for a long road trip in America. This drive crossing three US states is about 444 miles long. Apart from its scenic beauty, with its oak dripping of Spanish moss, the ecology of the region makes for a nice and peaceful trip. On top of that, you will get to learn a lot about American history and its early settlers through this way. And while you are in the north of Alabama, you can even get to explore some early settlements.

↬ Overseas Highway, Florida

Spanning across Miami to Key West, the Overseas Highway of Florida measures about 150 miles. It is an ideal drive for a convertible. Let the breeze play with your hair as you cross about 42 overseas bridges which also include the famous Seven-Mile Bridge. And as you head south, make a stop for the best-key lime pie you might ever have. If that isn’t what you call a superb road trip!

↬ Skyline Drive, Virginia

Edging along the crest of Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains, the 105 miles drive takes you through the Shenandoah National Park. Along the way paved through scenic natural beauty with about 74 overlooks, you will find waterfalls, spring hiking trails, wildlife, picnic areas, and so much more. So, in order to get the best out of this scenic drive, ensure to take a stop for little hiking.

↬ Rapid City to Badlands National Park, South Dakota

Next on the list of most scenic American drives is the one from Rapid City to Badlands National Park in South Dakota. Rapid City itself is a great destination. However, it has something to offer the roadways travelers too. Leading to places like Mount Rushmore, Minuteman Missile Historic National Park, the drive is a gateway to many wonderful sites. When you pass through its unique environment full of striking rock formations, wildlife, fossil beds, and rugged mountains, you will get that ‘too good to be true’ film-type road trip experience!

↬ San Antonia to Austin, Texas

Texas is a beautiful state to visit anyway. So, while you spend your holidays there, consider taking a road trip down the drive from San Antonio to Austin. Although this is not the quickest route to Austin it is doubtlessly the most beautiful one. And if you go there in early summer, you might get to enjoy the remaining spring bloom of wildflower. In any case, the drive is just as enjoyable all the seasons as is the destination—Austin.


Just likes its many beaches, waters, mountains, forests, and so, many of its drives amount to a wonderful road trip. So, if a road trip is what you are planning for this summer vacation, then the list given above can come really handy. So, why just travel to the destination and not have an awesome road trip instead?!