American small towns reflect American life. Most of such places are ideal for a retreat from the hustle-bustle of metropolitan life. Are you too seeking some escape from your city life? Then you must read this blog! Read on to find out about the 10 best small towns in the USA where you can retreat.

Its diverse culture, historical richness, great food, and natural wonders are some of the reasons why so many tourists love to spend their vacation in the USA. But that is not all. Another reason why America is such a hotspot for tourism is its small towns. Friendly locals, pleasant atmosphere, great food, music, and culture, etc. are some of the key factors that make American small towns a must-visit.

10 Best Small Towns in the USA Where you can Retreat

Small towns in the USA receive a great inflow of tourist traffic every year. There are both international tourists that fly from different countries and domestic tourists. However, due to the coronavirus outbreak, tourist activities have slowed down in many towns and some of them remain closed to tourists. But on the brighter side, many are now restoring back to normal functionality.

Hence, we have curated a list of some of the best small towns in USA that you can retreat to. Check it out below.

Top 10 Small Towns in the USA for Retreat Vacation

#1 Lake Tahoe

The sheer beauty of Lake Tahoe is hard to define in mere words. This lake, situated on the California-Nevada border, is a favorite vacation spot for many. It receives about 2.7 million visitors every year. The lake’s crystal-clear waters, surrounding granite cliffs sides, and towering mountaintops are the natural wonders that attract tourists to the town of Lake Tahoe. On top of that, the town can also provide some city-like entertainment with its high-end shopping, dining, and casinos.

#2 Steamboat Springs

If you are a nature-lover or an adventure junky, then you must visit the town of Steamboat Springs. The town derives its name from its famous hot springs. There are a number of outdoor activities that entice tourists to visit this place like snowshoeing and snowmobiling in winters and, Fishing and camping in summer. However, the most famous activity remains skiing.

#3 Breckenridge

The town of Breckenridge was settled in 1959. However, it retains its Victorian-era essence to date. It is the countries one of the most favorite skiing destination. In fact, even in the summertime, it is a great place to visit for outdoor adventures. Hiking and cycling become major activities here in the warmer weather. Apart from that, it has some amazing downtown eateries. On top of that, it also has a number of breweries and a distillery. And that’s how Breckenridge also excels in food and drinks.

#4 Sedona

The town of Sedona has a dramatically colorful landscape which makes it one of the beautiful places in America. Enticed by the beauty of its towering red rocks and jagged sandstone buttes, many filmmakers have used it as a backdrop for their film scenes. Such is the beauty of Sedona. From hiking to guided tours, spas, etc. you can enjoy a number of things here. Hence, this is a great place to retreat from city life.

#5 St. Augustine

If you like to learn about American history, St. Augustine is definitely the place to be. Situated in northeastern Florida, this town was founded by the Spaniards in 1565. From narrow cobblestone streets to colonial architecture, and Romanesque Revival-style buildings, you will find a lot of historical-artistic wonders here. There are a number of boutiques, eateries, live music venues, and art galleries in this ancient city that will put the cherry on the top of your vacation cake.

#6 Williamsburg

Tourists interested in colonial history make it a point to visit Williamsburg town. The town is situated in the downtown area of this Virginia Peninsula. Williamsburg itself is like a breathing monument to some of the best-known colonial-historical figures. Hence, it is a great spot to retreat from your city life and travel back to the old-time by getting lost in the town’s history.

#7 Kennebunkport

Tourists love to visit the town of Kennebunkport for its simple and sea-centric bliss. With its miles of rugged shoreline, this natural beach destination can give city-dwellers a great respite from the hustle-bustle of city life. Moreover, you will find many summer homes and sailboats along the shoreline. Not to mention the delicious sea-food you can get here!

#8 Jackson Hole

The biggest reason why you should definitely visit Jackson Hole is that it’s still largely untouched by the burgeoning travel industry. However, the town for some time now has started encouraging tourism. Now there is an increase in the number of art and performance venues for tourist entertainment. There are also mega ski resorts now that make this town a perfect spot for spending your winter holidays.

#9 Moab

Situated in the east of Utah, Moab is a gateway to wonderful rock-formations of Arches National Park and majestic canyons and buttes of Canyonlands National Park. Apart from its geological beauty, it is still a colorful town. From Moab Folk Festival to the Moab ArtWalk and the Moab Trashion Show, the town hosts many festivals. You can also explore prehistoric history at Moab’s dinosaur-themed attractions at the Moab Giants.

#10 Bar Harbor

Situated in Maine, USA, Bar Harbour is another small town to be at! It is also famous as the gateway to Acadia National Park. Located along Frenchman Bay, it provides scenic respite to its visitors with its soothing water views. You can take long strolls along the beautiful craggy coastline and feel one with the water and wind. And don’t forget to try out the absolutely delicious local lobster!

Summing Up

The United States of America is packed with tourist destinations. From its rich history to its diverse culture, finger-licking food, art, music, geography, and what not, America has a lot to offer. In the list above, you can find some of the best small towns in the USA where you can retreat to in your vacations. So, grab your cheap flight tickets now and pack your bag!