There is a myth that taking a good vacation has to be expensive. However, that is just not the case. And to prove my point, today I will talk about best places to travel on a budget trip to USA. Read on to find out about those places.

Seeking a vacation in the US but you are on a budget? Well, what if I said that you can have a great vacation even when you are flying with a budget? Yes, it is possible to do so!

Whenever the word ‘vacation’ is thrown around, generally, one of the adjectives that come into people’s minds is ‘expensive.’ However, this is not necessarily the case. To tell you the truth, you can go thrifty with your vacation just the same way you do shopping. The secret lies in knowing the right places.

And hence, today I am going to tell you about some of the most amazing places in USA which you can actually visit if you are on a budget trip. So, stay with this article till the end!
Visit these Places when you are on a Budget Trip to USA

Best Places to Travel on a Budget Trip to USA

♦ New Orleans, Louisiana

First on the list is New Orleans if you want to spend a budget vacation in USA. In this US city of Louisiana, you can spend your vacation with a daily budget of as low as $50. But that doesn’t mean the place is any less fun. In fact, it is a paradise for Jazz and Creole/Cajun culture fans. This place becomes a highly affordable US destination, thanks to its cheap hotels and eateries.

♦ Atlanta, Georgia

Situated in the US state Georgia, Atlanta is another great city to be spending your vacation at if you are on a budget trip. You can get the best of the city with a daily budget of as low as $60. For one, the place is full of excellent stays and eats that are also very cheap. But that is not all. Even moving around in the city is quite cheap. You can get a MARTA (Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority) 7-day pass which costs only about $24!

♦ Austin, Texas

Located in the US state of Texas, Austin is a city that attracts many music nerds and foodies every year. And the best part is, you can have a great vacation in this city with a budget of as low as $60 per day. The place has got chill vibes, friendly folks, great food, amazing music, and the wonderful outdoors. To get the best taste of Austin’s food for the least, make sure to visit Wild Burgers and Chutney Bites.

♦ Los Angeles, California

The City of Angels is calling you home. So, book cheap flights to Los Angeles which can go as low as $63. This famous city is surprisingly inexpensive. Although the city is home to many rich and famous people, you can actually manage to get a cheaper stay if you choose to stay in the lesser-known areas. In fact, you can also move around the city without straining your pockets with its 7-days metro pass that’d cost you only 25 bucks. Not to mention its cheap eateries and food trucks where you can get a Mexican taco for as low as $1.

♦ Savannah, Georgia

Another from Georgia, Savannah is a great place to spend your budget trip to USA. This is even more so if you are a history hound since the city has a rich history and culture. You can spend your holidays at Savannah for as low as $60 per day. And if you are looking for value eats in the city, Fire Street Food and Sly’s Sliders and Fries might be your best options.

♦ Denver, Colorado

Next on the list is Denver, situated in the US state of Colorado. With a daily budget of as low as $75, you can have a great vacation in Denver. Here, you can easily find cheap stays that even offer complimentary breakfast. Satisfy the adventurer inside you by exploring its majestic Rocky Mountains. And when you are done exploring this mountain city, My Brother’s Bar and Biker Jims are some of the excellent cheap eats that you can head towards.

♦ Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

With a daily budget of only about $75, you can get the best of Pittsburgh. Every year, many tourists travel to this city in Pennsylvania to spend their budget vacation. And if you stay around the airport area, you can save big bucks by visiting the many free and inexpensive sites of the city. For a cheap meal, head towards the Tootie’s or YinzBurgh BBQ.


America is a great place to spend your vacations at. And one of the many reasons why it attracts millions of tourists every year is its many cheap and excellent destinations. We hope that with the help of the list above, you will be able to enjoy your budget trip to USA. So, be quick to grab your cheap flight tickets because the sooner the better!