Going to Walt Disney World is a dream of many kids and adults. Are you finally going to try out this magical place? Want to know how you can make your holidays magical with Walt Disney World? To find that out, keep reading.

Situated in the Orlando, Florida of the USA, Walt Disney World is a globally famous entertainment complex. The park has a number of theme parks and other wonderful spots for entertainment. You can enjoy great rides, good food, amazing shows and so much more! The place is just perfect for people of almost all ages. From kids to adults, everyone can find something for themselves here.

Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World was founded in 1965. People travel to US from different parts of the world to visit this place. In the pre-pandemic time, it received a footfall of about 60 million yearly. Now, the theme parks have opened and are currently operating at a capacity of 35% only. However, Walt Disney Park Resort will hopefully soon open all its theme parks.

How Walt Disney World can make your Holidays Magical!

# Theme Parks

To make your holidays magical you can visit the theme parks of the Walt Disney World. You can learn about these theme parks in the list below:

  • Magic Kingdom

One of the four theme parks of the Disney World, Magic Kingdom is dedicated to fairy tales and Disney characters. Cinderella Castle is the main attraction of this park. The design of the castle is based on a fairy tale castle as shown in Cinderella’s 1950 film. With over 20 million visitors yearly, Magic Kingdom is the most visited theme park not only in the Walt Disney World but also across the whole globe.


Spanning in the square area double the size of the Magic Kingdom, EPCOT is the second theme park of Disney World. It is based on human achievement. This implies that the purpose of the park is to celebrate technological innovation and international culture. Hence, it is also famously known as a “Permanent World’s Fair.”

  • Disney’s Hollywood Studios

The third park opened in this amusement area is Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Drawing inspiration from the Golden Age of Hollywood, the park is based on the imagined worlds of film, television, music, and theatre. A variety of live entertainment and annual events take place in this park making it a great spot to enjoy your holidays.

  • Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Disney’s Animal Kingdom is Disney World’s zoological theme park. The park is dedicated to animal conservation and the natural environment. It reflects Walt Disney’s very own values and philosophy. The park exhibits hundreds of live animal species. It is the third most visited park in North America.

# Water Parks

Walt Disney World Resort also consists of two water parks. Read below to find out:

  • Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon

Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon has the world’s largest outdoor wave pools. The theme of this park is based on the Disney legend. According to it, a typhoon wreaked havoc upon a tropical paradise. The park represents a storm-ravaged tropical bay. This water park is the second most visited water park in the world. Millions of people travel to Orlando to visit this water park at Disneyland.

However, currently at the time this article is being published, the Typhoon Lagoon remains closed.

  • Disney’s Blizzard Beach

Blizzard Beach is the third most-visited water park in the world with a little less than 3 million visitors annually. Mount Gushmore is an artificial hill that has a majority of the park’s key attractions. The engineering of the park is very impressive and innovative. Therefore, millions of people come here annually to enjoy their vacation.

# Other Attractions

Apart from its theme parks, Disney World has more to offer. Listed below are its other two major attractions:

  • Disney Springs

What was previously known as Lake Buena Vista Shopping Village is now Disney Springs. It is a famous complex for outdoor dining, shopping, and entertainment. Disney Springs has four distinct areas namely Marketplace, The Landing, Town Center, and West Side. This place is another reason why you should visit Disneyland. There are buses and water taxis that connect it with other areas in Disney World.

  • ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex

Disneyland has a multi-purpose sports complex that is another reason why tourists love to go there. The complex holds a number of amateur and professional sporting events. It is a major spot for the emerging market of sports tourism.

# Hotels

  • Walt Disney World Resorts

Walt Disney World also has a number of lodgings spread across the whole area where tourists can stay. The hotels and stays are divided into the following categories:



>Value, and

>Disney Vacation Club Villas

Depending upon your budget, you can book hotels at the Disney World.

# Transport

Disney Land also has its very own transportation system. It is divided into following 3 parts:

  • Disney Transport

It is a mass public transit that consists of buses, a monorail system, a gondola lift system, watercraft, and parking lot trams. The guests of the resorts can get free service here.

  • Walt Disney World Monorail System

There are currently twelve Mark VI monorail trains that run on three lines of service at the Disney World, Orlando. As of 2016, it has been one of the most heavily used monorail systems with an average of over 150,000 daily riders.

  • Disney Skyliner

Disney Skyliner at the Disney World is basically a gondola lift system. It has overall five stations located at resorts and theme parks. Opened in 2019, it has been a recent addition to the transportation system at Disneyland.

Summing Up

Walt Disney World is undoubtedly the world’s most popular spot for amusement. Millions of people from different countries take a flight to USA to visit this place. With its theme parks, resorts, and other entertainment spots, it becomes a dream of many to spend their holidays at. It is best advised to book your Disney World tickets in advance.