Do you want to give yourself some me-time? What can be better than going on a solo trip! You want to travel solo but not sure where to go? If this is the case then don’t worry; we can help. So, read this article and find out about the 7 best destinations for solo trip in the USA.

Going on vacations with your family or friends is good and all. But everyone should also do solo traveling once in a while. If you have done this, you will know the importance of solo trips. And if you haven’t tried it yet then you must! To be on a trip on your own can be that one experience you didn’t even know you needed so bad.

You will see all over the internet that solo traveling is so romanticized. And well, if you ask me, it is totally worth the vibe. Being on your own far away from home can be both exciting and peaceful with a little mix of adventure.

What Are 7 Best Destinations for Solo Trip in the USA?

I always say this. America has something for every type of tourist. So, if you are traveling alone these holidays, America has just the right spots for you.

Therefore, we have curated a list of hand-picked US destinations best suited for solo trip.

7 Best Destinations for Solo Trip in the USA

>> Big Sur

Big Sur in California is absolute heaven for solo travelers in the USA. In fact, many travelers will tell you that they haven’t seen a place as beautiful as this anywhere else. And when you look at the McWay Falls in Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park, you might realize that it is actually true. So, if you want to unwind, Big Sur might just be the place. And when you feel like socializing, the place also has some campsites.

>> Asheville

The reason why I suggest Asheville as a great destination for solo travelers is due to its friendly folks, comfort food, and forward-thinking people. You can simply be yourself around here. The mountain hamlet is known for its hippie vibe. And if you go downtown, you will find many independently-owned businesses. For beer lovers, don’t miss the South Slope district’s breweries!

>> Minneapolis

Situated in the US state of Minnesota, Minneapolis is a great place to be for solo travelers. Female solo travelers especially love this place. The city is safe for women to wander around. And if you have a taste in fine arts, Minneapolis is perfect with its many sculptures. The place gets very cold in winter which only adds to its charm. It also has beautiful architecture and natural vistas which provide great bike paths. You will also find many fun cafes and stationery boutiques.

>> The Big Island of Hawaii

If you are looking to spend your solo trip on an island, The Big Island of Hawaii might just be the place. The place is full of wonders like volcanoes, dive sites, interesting beaches, and hiking trails. Watch the top of Mauna Loa for bubbling lava. Go snorkeling in Honaunau Bay. And when the sun sets, make it a point to visit Uncle Robert’s night market.

>> Austin

Texas in itself is a unique US state which is distinct from all the other states in many aspects. It has an interesting history and culture. And when you go solo traveling to Texas, Austin is the city you must visit if you love music. Socializing with strangers is another fun part of solo traveling. Visiting Austin will give you plenty of chances to bump into strangers that have the same music taste as yours. And the food at Austin only makes it better!

>> Marfa

Next on the list is another one from Texas. If you are an artist seeking solitary, Marfa might just be the place. The city just has enough art, food, and quirk to entertain solo travelers. Progressive galleries, mystifying desert skies, and its many artists livening up this otherwise ghost town are what appeals the travelers the most.

>> New York City

The capital of American state New York is literally a place for anyone and everyone. And hence, it welcomes solo travelers all the same. Be it entertainment, food, parties, history, art, and so on, you can experience the best of everything here. That is how wonderful the culture of New York City is. As a solo traveler, you’d love to take the food tours and explore the city while relishing its cuisine.


The United States of America become the destination of many to spend their vacations at. It has a good spot for solo travelers as it does for family vacations, trips with friends, and so on. With the help of the list above, you will learn about some of the best destinations for solo trip in the USA. And with this, you will be able to have wonderful alone time!