The summer season is approaching and will be in the full swing soon. So, you know what time it is going to be—the summer holidays! Hence, the vacation planning of most people is in full swing now. What are your plans? Are you seeking an escape from the noisy city life? Then you must try the small towns in Utah. So, read this post and find out why you must visit these small towns in Utah.

The last years forced people to stay shut in their homes during the precious time of summer holidays. However, with the introduction of the coronavirus vaccine, the traveling scenario has changed. Most countries have lifted lockdown and travel restrictions, and are now welcoming tourists again.

Having spent months indoors is kicking the wanderlust of people now. Even airlines seem to be sensing this mood and are now trying to accommodate more and more passengers.

Why You Must Visit These Small Towns in Utah?

The USA is a beautiful country packed with amazing tourist spots that attract both domestic and international tourists. And today, we are going to talk about the towns of one of its most beautiful states—Utah. So, keep reading to find out about these amazing towns and why you must visit them.

The Must-Visit Small Towns in Utah

? Midway

Calling Midway a slice of Switzerland would be no overstatement. In the 18th century, this pristine alpine town was settled by Swiss immigrants. In order to celebrate this heritage, the town hosts the beautiful summer festival of Swiss Days every year in August. Here, you can enjoy the parade, traditional food, and live entertainment that attract thousands of people to this festival.

To adventure in the beautiful natural setting of Midway, hikers can take the Dutch Hollow Trailhead. It is just 10 minutes drive from downtown. You can also relax in the lap of nature with its famous 40-ft deep natural geothermal pool—Homestead Caldera. And if you want to experience Switzerland in Utah, visit Midway in the winter season. Along with the scenic beauty, you will get to enjoy many winter sports like snowshoeing, snowmobiling, and tubing.

? Green River

Escape the hustle and bustle of city life by having an adventure in the town of Green River. This small town is located right alongside its namesake river. Many tourists come here every year to both adventure and relax in the laps of nature.

The serene river beauty and laidback vibes are sure to delight your heart. And when you feel full of it, you can go rafting along the river. Or, hike a few miles to the north and you will find Gray Canyons. There, you can spend some time in desolation and calm your soul with the scenic surrounding nature.

Also, make sure to visit the John Wesley Powell Museum when you go to Green River Town. Here, you will gather some interesting information about how centuries-old boats used to explore the waterways of the state. And don’t forget to try out the local wonder of what they call the tastiest melon in the world.

? Kanab

Kanab is truly a hidden gem in Utah. The town is home to the Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park, which, as the name suggests, has coral pink color sand. The large sand dunes formed here despite the distance from the water make it a true geological wonder.

Thanks to the aesthetic beauty of Kanab’s diverse desert oasis, it has attracted a number of Hollywood film crews. Moreover, Bryce Canyon and Zion National Parks are just a short drive away north of the town.

You can also take a Wild West-inspired horseback riding tour with one of the local ranchers. Or discover the depth of arid landscape by renting an ATV. Keep your camera handy to be ready to capture the picture-perfect vistas that you will explore. And who knows you might just catch some famous actors shooting an upcoming hit!

? Springdale

Visit Springdale and lose your soul in the modesty and natural beauty of this wonderful small town. It is a famous stop-over destination for many visiting the Zion National Park. However, to think of it as just that would be a mistake.

Complementing its surrounding natural beauty, the town has a thriving art and food scene. And not only that, but the town has a beautiful culture as well. Its inhabitants have a very strong sense of community.

Explore the eclectic array of restaurants, galleries, and cafés by taking a walk down the main drag. There are various cute B&Bs in the town where you can stay. Or if you feel fancy, you can stay at the Desert Pearl Inn during your trip to the city.

? Panguitch

If you want to feel the old-timey vibe, you get it all here in the remote town of Panguitch. It is surrounded by stunning mountain landscapes and lakes with rainbow trout. The Native American name of the area is Pauite which means ‘big fish’. This explains why fishing is and has been for centuries, the most famous activity here.

The town has an interesting history. One of its key attractions is the Quilt Walk Festival. As the legend goes, the early settlers of this town had to walk knee-deep snow in search of food. Hence, it is believed that their perseverance saved this settlement. So, in order to honor that, the Quilt Walk Festival is celebrated. In this festival, you will find locals wrapping themselves in thick quilts to honor these pioneers.

And when you go to Panguitch, you must not miss the Wild West-themed main strip. It is lined with many antique shops, galleries, local craft stores, etc.

? Heber City

Seeking the taste of the traditional Wild West way of life? Then you must visit Heber City. It is nestled among the scenic Wasatch Mountains. Here, you can learn a lot about life on Western Frontier. To understand the hardships early settlers faced inhabiting the valley, you must visit the Daughters of the Utah Pioneers Museum.

Then to get the spectacular views of the surrounding wilderness, follow the Heber Valley Historic railroad line. Apart from that, the town offers a number of outdoor activities like hiking, horseback riding, paddle boarding, and fishing, etc.

To experience the country music staple, visit the Heber City in October for the renowned Heber Valley Western Music and Cowboy Poetry Gathering.

? Mount Pleasant

For your next option in the best small towns of Utah, you can visit Mount Pleasant. It may very well be called the most adorable town in the state. Named Mount Pleasant, this high-valley town lives up to its name. Here, you will find vintage houses embellished with large grassy lawns. Main Street has many buildings that have been preserved to reflect the pioneer era.

Don’t forget to miss its Fairview Museum of History where you will find interesting regional stories of the past. Then head to the center of the town to visit the ornate Church of Latter-Day Saints.

While taking a stroll down its street, you will realize that a town that was once largely untouched by civilization is now wealthy and flourishing. It will make even sense when you realize it has its own winery—a very uncommon thing in Utah.

? Moab

Do you like to do mountain biking? Spending your weekend exploring the biking trails of Moab might just be the perfect thing. Although there are many outdoor activities that you can enjoy here, mountain biking stays the primary activity done here.

Many explore the Arches and Canyonlands National Parks for their rugged nature. Colorado River is just perfect for an adventurous kayaking experience. Or else, you can even walk in the footsteps of dinosaurs at Mill Canyon Dinosaur Trails.

There are many local ranches in Moab where you can satisfy the cowgirl or cowboy inside you. And make sure to visit the absolutely excellent microbrewery and winery when you visit this town.

In Conclusion

The US state of Utah is full of beautiful small towns. Every year, many tourists come to these towns seeking respite from the hustle and bustle of city life. In the list given above, you will learn about some of the best small towns in Utah. And you may end up finding your perfect destination in one of them. So, what are you waiting for? Book your flights now!